Anonymous: Okay, I just want to say. Your art is probably some of my most favourite ever. I've looked up to you for a while now, and maybe someday I'll be able to draw as good as you... but until then, I wish you happy days and offer you a smile~! ( P.S. Is it safe to call you my senpai? ; w ; )

wahhhh thankyou cutie nonners!! i’m glad you like my art so much y//v//y

actually— i’m not too keen on the senpai/kouhai thing, so calling me rue is completely fine! but you’re welcome to call me anything you want, tbh. (i’d recommend ‘super loser’)

homotwister said: subconsciously coerces into drawing genesis tbh

you’re right kara

i need to introduce more breastfeeding genesis to the world

amaranthine-azure said: Is there any way you would draw Final Fantasy VIII characters like Rinoa or Squall?

Squall as Leon, maybe! I like him lots with longer hair.

but i’m not all that into viii, so it’ll be doubtful tbh

Anonymous: Will you draw any other Final Fantasy characters?

i’ll probably be drawing noctis and genesis at some point!

maybe more lightning too because lightning

but idk????? zack, aerith and tifa would be great to draw more— zidane too.

cloud is my life tho. if i do start drawing ff no doubt it’ll be cloud all the time again lmao


u//v//u i’m glad you have life nonny!

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jk class is cancelled

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i keep getting intense bursts of zack/cloud/aerith feelings and they’re tearing me apart 

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getting emotions over ships i shouldn’t be omg

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