i’m gonna do absolutely nothing this weekend and it’s gonna be amazing


Wake up…

I spent way too long tweaking this one…

Anonymous: Twi or Sky?

Time 8I

Anonymous: Keep Watching Free! The animation is great!!!

ahHHHHHH YEAH maybe maybe maybe

i did like rei a lot

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sometimes i wanna catch up on Free! but sometimes i just wanna ignore its existence???

the animation is so good though

Anonymous: "can drive?!" made me laugh way too hard omf

sky is the future

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Anonymous: HI there! i saw you did that beautiful gifset of sky/twilight link etc! just a recommendation, but you should make one for Zelda & include hyrule warriors!Zelda. (:

ahhhh maybe! if i start drawing the zelda’s more i probably might, since the reference sheets are more for myself to help keep my colours consistent.

do the zelda’s even have fandom names tho?

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Anonymous: i was looking at your navi posts and nooo can u imagine bby time link hearing people say they hate navi and she's annoying and getting all defensive and protective

u m u aint nobody messin with link’s clique

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