what do you mean it’s not christmas yet

i don’t use this 3DS anymore and i have digital copies of these games now so i’m giving the physical copies away along with the console. i’m not interested in selling them because lbr have you ever tried selling gaming stuff

it’s easier to part with as a gift so they might as well go to someone less fortunate than i

  • is this how you do the rules
  • 1 entry for each reblog (reblog as much as you want)
  • 1 entry for each like
  • you don’t have to follow me i don’t care
  • the 3DS and games are european but i’ll ship anywhere
  • the 3DS comes with a stylus and charger
  • i’ll answer questions off anon
  • giveaway ends on november 25 so the things can arrive in time for christmas
  • i won’t announce the winner unless they want me to, in order to protect their privacy

good luck!!


link and midna’s height difference gives me life


I just realized how much Sky was on my blog oh gosh


there my daily Time post with a picture has been made im done

Solidus Cave ~ Crystal Caves Enemy Keep

Masato Koike, Yuki Matsumura


Solidus Cave ~ Crystal Caves Enemy Keep | Hyrule Warriors.


The thirst is strong with this one…

or so I’ve heard, at least.
I really wanna play Hyrule Warriors now