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I hope you get to play hw soon! I'd really love to know your opinion about Link. I just really love hearing what you have to say about him so yeah ;v;

i’m prolly not gonna be even thinking about getting it til next year maybe??? since i’m gonna need a job to afford both hw and a wii u and i just gkfdhgkd dont have time for a job rn.

but i’m probably going to be watching playthroughs of it once uni stops kicking my ass so

I REALLY LIKE HW LINK ALREADY THOUGH just his /face/ man it’s an amazing special thing

& from what i gathered from jp stream he’s a huge cutiepie so

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Go there, and do as the instructions say.
When my art was stolen, I got the post reported, and it was taken down. Don’t worry, it doesn’t just take down the sources post, but it takes down all the reblogged posts too.
Please give this a reblog, many artists out there may not know this is here.
And remember, ask permission before sharing, or don’t post it.

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Rue, when u draw do you start on a specific part first (ie the eyes, mouth, ect.)

eyes! always the eyes— if they’re visible, at least.

i usually go eyes -> brows -> nose -> chin/jaw -> mouth -> ears, hair, then downwards.

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i got ocarina of time 3D for my birthday today and i havent gotten this far since i was a kid and too young to see things from a character's point of view and i just got back to kokiri forest and its filled with monsters and sarias not here and links bed is way too tiny for him send help im going to die why is thIS SO SAD

im coming to u specifically bc none of my friends are awake and youre the first person i think of when i see sad link i hope youre happy with ur reputation
i’m super happy w/ this tbh
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Gerudo twins for a Zelda AU

Hi, my name's Shay. I run a YouTube channel that I just started up, and I'm just looking to get my name out there. It's a hobby of mine, and it's something I look forward to every week. I post mostly rants, or give advice to people with depression, anxiety, or who are having problems similar to whatever problem I currently have. My only request of you is to post this publicly on your blog, so that your followers could check it out. I would be so grateful. Thank you. youtube(.)com/shaykammerer23

posting by request!

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